PCRA/Permitting Solution Creates Standardized Process For Managing Construction and Maintenance Risks

PCRA/Permitting Solution Creates Standardized Process For Managing Construction and Maintenance Risks

In anticipation of the 2017 ASHE PDC Summit in Orlando, Florida, ATG presented a webinar covering risk management and best practices for pre-construction risk assessment (PCRA) and permitting. Dozens of healthcare professionals from across the U.S. attended the February 15th webinar titled, "Using Pre-Construction Risk Assessment and Permitting to Minimize Risk and Control Costs."

The Joint Commission now recommends that a risk assessment or permit process be used for major construction and maintenance projects. These assessments minimize the risk of injury to patients, staff, visitors or contractors and prevent the spread of hospital-associated infections.  However, these risk-mitigating processes are often managed by multiple FTEs across departments while rife with paper documentation, making it difficult to maintain a standardized process.

ATG's PCRA/Permitting solution was designed in collaboration with healthcare organizations to address the challenges of the process.

The solution's cloud-based interface helps track and manage all essential steps, including initiating work requests, permit reviews, approvals and project closeout. Users across the campus can instantly evaluate corresponding risk levels to surrounding areas for any requested work.

“The system allows a range of facility staff to be notified of maintenance work and construction projects,” Ken Mustafa, ATG Regional Director, Healthcare, explained. “And if a problem comes up, the system can email a work stop notice to all responsible parties.”

ATG continues to work directly with The Joint Commission to ensure that the solution is flexible enough to meet the local, regional and national codes and best practices specific to each organization. Interested in implementing the PCRA/Permitting solution on your campus? Call 1-800-804-8442.


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