Be prepared. Ace your audits.

Produce any compliance document – instantly.

Think you’re prepared for an audit? Think again. A request for just one piece of paper could put your compliance in jeopardy.

Yes, it’s just one document, but it’s one among thousands. With inefficient paper-based documentation processes, you may not find it – or give auditors the impression you’re unprepared.


Relying on file cabinets:
Why hospitals fail audits

Paper-based documentation systems, with information stored in rows and rows of file cabinets, creates logistical challenges that get exceedingly complex.

As that complexity grows, you can’t quickly locate documents – or worse – not even realize they’re missing or misplaced at all. The result? Failed audits.


Your virtual binder:
Instant on-demand access to any document

With compliance documents organized into a “virtual master binder,” you’ll have immediate access to digitized images of every single piece of paperwork you need so you can:

  • Instantly access all compliance documents through secure cloud-based storage
  • Manage documentation based on Joint Commission and other AHJ requirements
  • Assure all files such as inspection data, test results, and plans are always up to date
  • Streamline collection, storage and tracking of all documents

And with ATG mobile technologies, you can you integrate environment of care, life safety, and other inspection data – so as issues emerge and are resolved, your documentation is updated automatically.

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Streamlined. Synchronized. Secure.
No more misplaced documents.

Hospital teams now take full advantage of secure cloud-based storage, automated notifications, and information synchronized from mobile devices to assure all compliance documents are immediately updated and available.

ATG Compliance Manager integrates documents addressing a full range of issues:

  • Generator Testing
  • Safety/Security
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fire Drill
  • Loss of Power
  • Emergency Preparedness

Eliminate paper-based processes.
Be more prepared for audits.

ATG Compliance Manager™: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning, reduce risk, and streamline day-to-day facilities management throughout your organization.

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