Manage construction-related infection risk.

One comprehensive, cloud-based solution.

The spread of healthcare-associated infections cause as many as 100,000 deaths per year.* That creates billions of dollars of potential liability for healthcare organizations.

Mitigate these risks with ATG’s Infection Risk Management and Infectious Disease Management solutions.

Developed in collaboration with healthcare industry leaders, this solution offers rapid and efficient cloud-based access to critical information on assessing risk so all administrators and managers can make more informed decisions.

With a set of innovative technologies is place, you and your team can:

  • Visually track the location of positive cultures to assess the spread of nosocomial infections
  • Quickly upload positive culture results by location, eliminating patient-specific information to meet privacy guidelines
  • Access real-time data on infectious disease incidents through an intuitive point-and-click interface displaying 3-D CAD layouts
  • Help epidemiologists visualize patterns to evaluate possible contributing environmental factors
  • Adopt a highly structured approach to permit requests to address construction-related precautions based on the patient risk in affected areas
  • Easily create reports with pre-defined criteria to rapidly analyze trends in the spread of infections.
  • Prevent lost documentation, archiving critical data fully integrated with CAD layouts


Infection Risk Management Solution Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Manage infection risk. Prevent costly litigation.

Learn how ATG can help use advanced technologies to better manage the risk of construction-related infections. Contact us today. 

* FacilityCare, January/February 2011

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