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If you missed it, here was August's webinar:

"How to Eliminate Project Closeout and Construction Document Chaos"

How do you pull critical facility information from thousands of paper documents in a moment's notice?

The simple answer is, you don't. And whether it's through regulatory audits or C-suite requests, important hospital documents—from construction drawings to project closeouts and warranties—are often needed much quicker than paper filing systems allow.

ATG has the solution. With our cloud-based Facility Document Management (FDM) technology, we transform your documentation into a variety of digital formats and create a centralized online system for instant retrieval of information that will never be lost or unavailable when needed.
Attend ATG's latest webinar to learn how FDM delivers:

  • Secure cloud storage and a collaborative environment for all authorized users to instantly access critical information

  • Intuitive search capabilities using name, description, and other keywords to find information systemwide or within documents

  • A contract and warranty manager with email alerts to ensure those documents are kept current

  • One centralized location for all digital media

  • Increased accuracy of information through the ATG FDM team's process of removing outdated documentation

Joe Mensik Joe Mensik
Regional Director, Healthcare
Facility Consulting Division
Terrence Booth Terrence Booth
Facility Consulting Division

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