Advanced technologies. Deep industry expertise. A proven track record.

All from one resource.

For over 30 years, ATG has collaborated with healthcare and higher education institutions to provide innovative technologies and high-value consulting services to:

Streamline compliance to mitigate risk

Improve business planning

Enhance operational performance & efficiency

Optimize utilization of personnel & resources

Deliver significant and visible ROI

Our holistic approach combines a set of integrated technologies and professional expertise in deploying them.

Now your team can focus on meeting your strategic goals, not managing your technology.

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Turning raw data into strategic insights.

All ATG solutions are based on an open-system based architecture to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of platforms and information systems, including CAD/BIM so there’s no need to invest in onsite software or systems.

As technology agnostics, we deploy solutions that work within your existing infrastructure, whether based on legacy systems or other software.

Through advanced and secure cloud-based technologies, ATG solutions work across multiple devices and operating systems – including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

And all solutions are integrated with ATG's Enterprise Active Visual System® to provide:

  • On-demand 24/7 access to data through a convenient and intuitive web interface – with no need to invest in new software or hardware
  • Data presented in visual layouts, linked directly to CAD databases, so information can be viewed and managed in the most relevant context, with no need for specialized CAD/BIM training
  • Advanced mobile technologies integrated into our enterprise solutions to make field data collection and inspections far more efficient
Strategic Insights

Ready to use on day one.

Simple, intuitive, and easily accessible, our solutions give you the power to turn raw data into knowledge and take advantage of benefits that include:

  • No high up-front capital expenditures
  • No IT complexity
  • Automatic upgrades with no disruption to your organization

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Consult with compliance experts.

Be proactive. Plan ahead to mitigate risk.

If you’re merely compiling static reports that become outdated as soon as they are delivered, you’re not being proactive enough to succeed in today’s complex regulatory environment.

ATG’s extensive experience and familiarity with regulators and authorities including The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and others, our solutions are routinely updated to address highly specific needs. These include managing life safety elements, Medicare Cost Reports, Environment of Care, construction permitting, and many more.

If you’re evaluating new solutions and processes to cope with ever-changing regulatory compliance needs, talk to an ATG expert today.

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