Comply with essential ADA regulations.

Reduce compliance cost and complexity.

Every higher education institution faces pressure to maintain full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. 

Failure to comply can bring significant financial and legal implications, so you need to operate campus facilities in a way that efficiently monitors accessibility issues so you can correct them as quickly as possible.

ATG can help you successfully address these regulatory issues innovative technologies with no need for additional resources. Our team of experts can help you:

  • Conduct an objective analysis and survey of your facilities
  • Import results into the ADA component of ATG’s Enterprise Active Visual System.®
  • Enable real-time access to data through an intuitive web-based interface 
  • Manage corrections of deficiencies with more precise control, even aggregating multiple projects
  • Calculate and forecast the impact of ADA-related construction on project budgets

Americans With Disabilities Act Solution Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Assure compliance with strict ADA requirements.

Learn how ATG can help you manage legal risk, operate more efficiently, and save time – with no additional software or resources required. Contact us today.

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