Leveraging BIM:
Transforming the latest technologies into clarity and actionable knowledge

Proven policies and procedures to make the most of new technologies.

ATG is the only consulting firm in the world with both proven best practices and innovative technologies for using Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a foundation for comprehensive, cost-effective facilities management solutions that make best use of your resources.

Coping with transition and turmoil in managing your campus

As BIM-based models become more widely adopted by architects, engineers, and construction professionals, facilities management becomes more of a challenge than ever before.

Yes, BIM adds a depth to building layouts that streamlines many processes.

But for facilities managers and executives, BIM can cause confusion, drain resources, and lack the analytics that drive informed decisions. That’s because:

  • More intricate building models add significant complexity than CAD does in managing campus layouts
  • Organizations receive BIM models from A/E firms without any clear strategy for ongoing updates
  • Many, if not most, campuses have a combination of BIM- and CAD-based layouts without a seamless management tool to connect them
  • BIM-based software and services are costly and complex - even without the integration of essential information needed across all departments and levels of management

Using BIM as an effective facilities management tool takes far more than technology alone. You need knowledgeable personnel to develop, refine, and deploy methodologies that work for you – and ATG can help.

Focus on what’s essential

The more time you spend coping with complex technology, the less time you have to meet other key facilities management needs.

And without sufficient expertise in utilizing BIM's extensive capabilities, you're not running at peak operational efficiency.

ATG combines innovative BIM-based technologies with in-depth knowledge to help you:

  • Make a seamless transition from CAD to BIM
  • Develop and refine processes for determining which aspects of BIM models should be updated and which are not essential to effective facilities management
  • Access powerful analytics regardless of whether layouts are based on BIM or CAD
  • Harness the full potential of BIM to manage your space more efficiently, address compliance needs, mitigate risk, and much more

Part of a comprehensive solution

While BIM is revolutionizing the design and construction management of facilities, it's not without unique complexities. ATG understands these complexities. Talk to one of our consultants today to learn how to transform your BIM layouts from just another technological headache into a key component of a powerful facilities management solution.


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