Access accurate floor plan layout and square footage data.

Assure precise calculation of indirect costs for Medicare cost reports.

Filing accurate Medicare cost reports is essential, but managing the data to do so creates significant complexity.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires accurate information on indirect costs – such as utilities, environmental services, depreciation, etc.– for each of your departments, but that’s only possible if your calculations are based on reliable square footage data for each cost center.

ATG can help you create and maintain the most precise and accurate data. Our experts will work with your team to:

  • Survey your campus to collect the required space utilization information
  • Integrate data into the Space Utilization component of ATG’s Enterprise Active Visual System.®
  • Enable real-time access to data through an intuitive web-based interface so executives can immediately review a wide range of space utilization reports
  • Create a consistent methodology for gathering, updating and reporting facility data
  • Assure that leased space is accounted for properly – based on BOMA standards

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Solution Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Access precise up-to-date data. File accurate Medicare cost reports.

Learn how ATG can help you create a consistent methodology for gathering, updating and reporting facility data to accurately calculate indirect costs –with no need for additional software or hardware. Contact us today.

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