Compliance & Risk

Navigate an ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape with proactive approaches to compliance.

Compliance & Risk

Navigate an ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape with proactive approaches to compliance.

Compliance & Risk

Navigate an ever-changing healthcare regulatory landscape with proactive approaches to compliance.

Make compliance an important part of your overall business model.

With widespread and disruptive change throughout the entire healthcare sector, facility management professionals are facing more complex challenges that are fraught with risk.

Regulators now issue more severe fines. Hospital accreditations face more scrutiny. And with more attention from The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and other authorities, reputations are on the line. To make matters worse, facility personnel often face these challenges on tighter budgets.

So, how are healthcare organizations navigating this tougher regulatory landscape to manage risk more effectively and maximize efficiency? By taking a more proactive approach through ATG’s comprehensive set of compliance tools. For over 30 years, we’ve worked closely with industry professionals—including regulatory bodies—to develop solutions that keep health systems ahead of the latest requirements, while better allocating resources.

The result? The assurance of successful audits—and a healthier bottom line.

Life Safety Elements Corridor
Life Safety Inspection

Leverage unique technologies to address your toughest compliance challenges.

ATG technologies provide compliance tools that are collaborative and always accessible via the cloud.

Our secure facility information platform, the Enterprise Active Visual System®, works across all devices and operating systems for:

  • On-demand 24/7 access to reliable data through convenient, intuitive interfaces
  • Powerful analytics that empower users to make more informed decisions
  • Interactive floor layouts, so information can be managed in a highly efficient visual context
  • Mobile apps linking to our enterprise platform to make field data collection and inspections far more productive

These innovative technologies—combined with our extensive experience in the healthcare industry—create multi-dimensional solutions to address a wide range of compliance objectives. Read on for brief overviews of just some of those solutions.

Create a more consistent, collaborative environment for compliance efforts.

ATG’s Compliance Manager solution consolidates compliance efforts across entire health systems—large or small—to prevent inconsistencies when meeting the demands of increased regulatory requirements and organizational expansions.

Personnel can track all compliance activities and documentation through a single, comprehensive dashboard. Real-time capture of compliance data, along with a built-in email alert system, prevents compliance documents from becoming outdated and ensures an organization is always prepared for AHJ reviews.

Mitigate risk with a more comprehensive approach to managing life safety elements.

ATG’s Life Safety Management solution minimizes risk for health systems by creating a seamless process for the ongoing inspection and maintenance of life safety elements. Mobile inspection apps with interactive CAD layouts provide users with the means to easily locate and inspect elements and sync results to the solution’s web application.

The technology provides actionable analytics and benchmarking data, as well as full integration with existing work order systems.

Maintain compliance with Environment of Care standards through accuracy and accountability.

ATG’s Environment of Care solution addresses the full EOC cycle, from rounding to improvement initiatives. Rounds are conducted with mobile apps and inspection data is synced to the solution’s web application for better accuracy, allowing managers to make informed decisions on resource allocation, improvement initiatives, and planning/policy.

The technology tracks issues from discovery to resolution, with an automated email alert system that holds all relevant parties accountable for required tasks.

Close the gap between pre-construction risk assessments and permitting.

ATG’s PCRA/Permitting solution creates a singular, collaborative environment that ties together all risk assessment and permitting procedures required for hospital construction and maintenance.

Fail-safe functions, including an email alert system to notify responsible personnel of necessary tasks, minimize issues that may arise during work, such as the spread of healthcare-associated infections.

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