Design & Construction

Ensure you have all the information you need before investing in healthcare facility expansions and renovations.

Design & Construction

Ensure you have all the information you need before investing in healthcare facility expansions and renovations.

Design & Construction

Ensure you have all the information you need before investing in healthcare facility expansions and renovations.

Manage construction projects better to avoid unnecessary expenditures and mitigate risk.

Every year, hospitals spend tens of billions of dollars to expand and upgrade existing facilities. But with razor-thin margins, it’s essential to have a clear view of the risks and opportunities.

In the midst of these extensive investments, many health systems make decisions about the scope of construction and expansion based on information that doesn’t truly represent existing conditions. Too often, projects are initiated without in-depth, real-time campus data that shows as-built conditions, and the true utilization of existing space. And it’s this lack of clarity that can lead to unnecessary expenditures.

ATG has collaborated with healthcare leaders for over three decades to develop solutions that provide the accurate, up-to-date information facility professionals need to properly plan for and manage their new construction and renovation projects. The result? A clear picture of where capital is best spent and, even more importantly, how to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

Interior Construction
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Leverage unique technologies to address design and construction challenges.

ATG technologies provide a collaborative environment for healthcare design and construction professionals to access accurate data via the cloud.

Our secure facility information platform, the Enterprise Active Visual System®, works across all devices and operating systems for:

  • On-demand 24/7 access to reliable data through convenient, intuitive interfaces
  • Powerful analytics that empower users to make more informed decisions
  • Interactive as-built drawings, so information can be managed in a highly efficient visual context
  • Mobile apps linking to our enterprise platform to make field data collection and inspections far more productive

These innovative technologies—combined with our extensive experience in the healthcare industry—create multi-dimensional solutions to address a wide range of objectives. Read on for brief overviews of just some of those solutions.

Know your space before planning any costly construction projects.

ATG’s Space Inventory Analysis solution is essential for both the day-to-day and long-term space planning that impacts decisions made on hospital construction and renovations.

The technology includes interactive CAD/BIM as-built drawings and powerful analytics that provide personnel with the accurate, real-time information they need to determine if existing space is being utilized to its fullest extent and where capital expenditure is necessary.

Manage your construction projects more effectively—from assessments to closeouts.

ATG’s Pre-construction Risk Assessment/Permitting solution creates a collaborative environment for all assessment and document preparation required for construction and renovations.

Fail-safe functions, including an email alert system to notify responsible personnel of necessary tasks, minimize issues that may arise during work, including the spread of healthcare-associated infections.

Ensure you never lose critical project closeout documents or drawings.

ATG’s Facility Document Management solution centralized dashboard, used by both facility personnel and outside contractors, for the management of drawings and project close-out documents.

Eliminates issues associated with loss of documents and those that become outdated, with an email alert system that notifies appropriate personnel of pending warranty expirations.

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