Make sure you're prepared for when disaster strikes.

You will be with Emergency Manager™ - ATG's highly collaborative Hazard Vulnerability Analysis solution.

Whether it's natural disasters or crises caused by human actions, today's headlines pose a serious question for managers of medical facilities:

Does your hospital have the absolute best tools to be prepared for the worst?

Healthcare industry leaders felt the answer was "No." They realized that, while processes were in place, simply tracking them with spreadsheets or off-the-shelf software wasn't enough. And, of course, if hospitals don't have sufficient means to prepare for large-scale emergencies, lives are at risk.

To add to the challenges, in November 2017, healthcare providers will need to comply with new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements in order to ensure adequate emergency preparedness procedures.

That's why industry professionals approached ATG for a solution. The result is our cloud-based Emergency Manager technology, a highly collaborative tool that provides a badly needed Hazard Vulnerability Analysis scoring system and ensures that your team completes all critical action items—from drills and exercises to systems testing.

Emergency Manager delivers:

  • A comprehensive Hazard Vulnerability Analysis scoring system to accurately assess risk
  • Real-time documentation to ensure CMS and other AHJ compliance
  • A highly collaborative online environment, so no necessary action falls through the cracks

Developing features include:

  • Up-to-the-minute incident reporting
  • Automated email notifications to alert staff of required actions

Emergency Manager Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Make sure you're ready for the latest CMS Emergency Preparedness requirements.

Learn how you can benefit from a solution built on the expertise of leading emergency management professionals. Contact us today. 

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