Address the full EOC cycle.

Turn environment of care into an environment of opportunity.

How many hours did your team spend on EOC rounds and issues just last year? Hundreds? If findings still fell through the cracks and you didn’t meet performance improvement goals, you’re not alone.

Some organizations still rely on handwritten notes, emails, or spreadsheets to track findings. But that can leave issues unresolved. Why take that risk?


Poor reporting and integration:
Why EOC issues fall through the cracks.

Most EOC touring applications don’t offer effective reporting tools, nor address the full EOC cycle. That creates challenges throughout the entire process including:

  • Misplaced or lost paperwork
  • Poor communication among teams responsible for addressing findings
  • Unreliable tracking of corrective actions and results
  • Inadequate coordination of tours, performance improvements, and policy updates

Without integrated tools that accurately track progress from corrective actions to resolution – and keep accountable teams informed – EOC issues continue to be mismanaged, adding significant compliance risk.


Replacing the clipboard:
The key to improving resource management.

Why use a clipboard? Today’s technologies allow inspectors to use a mobile app to assure that findings are accurately tracked to final resolution.

That certainly improves compliance, but also helps you more effectively manage resources taking advantage of:

  • One centralized solution for managing and documenting all EOC activities
  • Quick access to data with fully-customizable reports
  • More insightful analysis to evaluate trends and benchmark performance
  • Automatic email notifications, plus escalation alerts when needed, to make sure findings are addressed

Now you can reduce your costs, lower your risk, and eliminate complexity through one comprehensive solution.

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Real results:
How our clients save time and money

Advocate Health Care uses ATG Environment of Care to access accurate real-time data across 8.3 million square feet in the Chicago area – making more informed decisions and using resources more proactively to comply with all EOC regulations.

Inspections and corrections are completed quicker, which saves time and money and helps us with meeting The Joint Commission’s requirements.”

Corey Kuhn
Facility Systems Analyst
Affinity Health System

More efficiency and improved compliance.
No need for clipboards.

ATG Environment of Care: Part of a complete solution

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