To plan for the future, get a grasp on the present.

Facility Condition Assessment is a quick, cost-effective way to identify issues and create resolutions.

ATG’s Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) includes surveys of utilities, architecture and engineering infrastructure to identify potential concerns, prioritization, and costs associated with corrective actions. Information gathered during the FCA provides healthcare organizations with required actions for an effective capital planning process, including:

  1. Capital renewal (i.e., the replacement of large expenditures such as boilers, air handlers, roofing, etc.)
  2. Functional obsolescence (analyzing the infrastructure of a building to measure if it can support future plans, or if it requires upgrades)
  3. Deferred maintenance (existing and future deferments)

To effectively complete such assessments, hospitals need to fully understand the present conditions of existing buildings and their intended future use based on the organization’s strategic initiatives.

To help understand these conditions, ATG offers its FCA solution, designed to align with the goals of the hospital. Our expert teams work with executives to understand future ambitions and evaluate facilities with those objectives in mind.

With this critical data, healthcare campuses identify and properly plan for resolution. Hospitals can better understand existing assets, as well as the cost to manage them and the capital year for when to address an issue.

We work with you and your team to:

  • Conduct an objective survey with professional engineering partners to provide a meaningful and realistic view of facility conditions
  • Integrate survey data into the FCA component of ATG's Enterprise Active Visual System®
  • Enable real-time access to data through an intuitive web interface
  • Take advantage of mobile technologies to update completed projects and conduct future assessment

ATG's FCA solution does not require CAD software on the client side. And because the data feeds back to our cloud-based information platform, information can be used with other applications, such as ATG’s space management and regulatory compliance solutions.

Gain more value from facility assessments.

Learn how ATG can help you transform facility condition assessment process into a living and actionable document. Contact us today.

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