Identify and correct deficiencies – quickly and cost effectively.

No need for additional CAD software.

Performing a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is essential to maintaining and managing  your campus. Regularly surveying utilities, architectural, and engineering infrastructures helps you identify deficiencies and estimate the costs to correct them.

Unfortunately, most higher education facilities don’t make the most of their opportunities during these assessments. That’s because complex proprietary software packages create issues such as:

  • Generating only generic data of little use to facility executives
  • Providing mere “indices analysis” that only approximates financial impacts
  • Little or no integration with other facility-related functions

ATG’s Facility Condition Assessment solution delivers far more value. We work with you and your team to:

  • Conduct an objective survey with professional engineering partners to provide a meaningful and realistic view of facility conditions
  • Integrate survey data into the Condition Assessment Manager™ component of ATG's Enterprise Active Visual System.®
  • Enable real-time access to data through an intuitive web-based interface
  • Take advantage of mobile technologies so future assessments can be performed using tablets and smartphones

And through ATG’s cloud-based technologies, data can be used in other applications, such as space management and regulatory compliance.

Facility Condition Assessment Solution Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Gain more value from facility assessments.

Learn how ATG can help you make the most of your facility condition assessments to generate more precise information that’s easily accessed and integrated with other applications. Contact us today.

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