Instant document retrieval. More flexible workflow.

Streamline project document management from start to finish.

Whether starting or wrapping up construction projects, leading hospitals now use cloud-based technologies and new protocols to manage documentation workflow from start to finish.

Why? With cloud-based storage, documents can’t be lost or damaged–dramatically reducing the risk of costly errors.


Substantial financial losses:
All it takes is just one document.

Many hospitals discover only when it’s too late that poorly managing documents – such as project closeouts, construction drawings, and warranties–can create enormous risks that include:

  • Unnecessary losses from improper warranty management
  • High liability when critical documents are lost, misplaced, or damaged
  • Non-compliance with The Joint Commission and other authorities
  • Costly mistakes when internal teams and contractors base decisions on inconsistent information

But without integrated technologies and effective processes, eliminating document management risk can be too complex and costly.


Access critical documents in just a few seconds.
One centralized cloud-based solution.

Stop wasting valuable time tracking down documents you need right away. With ATG Facility Document Management, you’ll never lose critical documents. Take advantage of:

  • Convenient cloud-based access to campus documents in multiple formats
  • Intuitive tools for locating, annotating, and saving notes directly to drawings
  • One centralized process for project closeouts to prevent errors caused from relying on outdated information
  • Keyword search to quickly locate documents by name and description, plus search within documents
  • Backup processes that make sure critical data remains secure, current, and quickly available

Now you can minimize the risk of errors from relying on outdated documents, locate documents more rapidly, and improve compliance.

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Real results:
How our clients save time and money

  • Rush University Medical Center uses ATG Facility Document Management to streamline its document retrieval process, allowing users to locate a document and find the specific information they need in a matter of minutes.


We envisioned a system where you could drill down to the drawings and documents you needed with just a few clicks of the mouse and ATG made it happen.”

Mike Craig
Assistant Director - Medical Center Engineering
Rush University Medical Center
3.5 million square feet managed

Locate documents quickly.
Minimize costly errors.

ATG Facility Document Management: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning, reduce risk, and streamline day-to-day facilities management throughout your organization.

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