The ever-changing landscape of the U.S. healthcare industry presents healthcare facility executives with a great number of challenges—the impact of the Affordable Care Act being significant among them.

Additionally, hospitals face increasing regulatory compliance pressures, such as outcomes-based reimbursement, which penalizes hospitals for preventable readmissions and hospital-acquired infections.

Despite the added financial burdens associated with such challenges, healthcare operations must still account for increased space needs necessitated by an aging population, industry competition, and other factors. This means tighter budgets for major upgrades and new construction.

All of these issues pose serious problems for facility managers whose departments are typically the first victims of budget and staff cuts. Support services, for instance, are a primary target of expectations to do more with less. Thus, now more than ever, healthcare facilities are in need of comprehensive facility management solutions to gain better operational efficiency and prepare for regulatory compliance demands more effectively.


In response to these challenges, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) formed the Healthcare Advisory Group (HCAG) to conduct open discussions with executives from leading healthcare organizations regarding critical issues facing the industry.

The main objective of HCAG is to collaborate on the development of technologies and approaches that enable hospitals to effectively address a wide range of facility management responsibilities.

In addition to reviewing existing solutions and providing feedback on improving them, the group considers how other areas of need can be addressed through new technologies and procedures.

The direct experience of knowledgeable facility executives, combined with ATG's facility consulting and technology expertise, makes the Healthcare Advisory Group an important forum for improving the planning, compliance, and day-to-day management of hospitals.


ATG hosts bi-annual HCAG meetings that bring together healthcare facility management professionals to discuss the most current challenges they are experiencing in their day-to-day operations.  These two day events provide an important  forum for industry leaders to provide feedback on current facility management solutions, as well as initiate strategies that lead to the development of new solutions.

Summaries of past meetings:

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