Meeting the multi-billion dollar challenge.

Solutions to manage resources, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Hospitals are spending billions per year on improving and renovating existing facilities and building new ones.

But with margins still razor thin, it’s essential that you have a clear view of your risks and your opportunities.

Ongoing reform. Life safety. Infection control. These challenges put more pressure than ever on facility managers to raise performance while lowering costs.

The nation’s most prestigious hospitals and health systems collaborate with ATG to deploy a wide range of solutions that transform operations data into real-time, mission-critical knowledge.

ATG's Healthcare Solutions:

Space Inventory Analysis

Real estate likely accounts for more than 30 percent of your balance sheet. At most hospitals and healthcare systems, managing that space is a severely fragmented process. Read More

Compliance Management

Think you’re prepared for an audit? Think again. A request for just one piece of paper could put your accreditation in jeopardy. Read More

Life Safety Management

Your budgets may be cut. A smaller staff your new norm. But complying with life safety standards? That must always be a priority – or you’re taking on great risk. Read More

Emergency Management

The unpredicatability of disasters requires that hospitals be ready for a wide range of large-scale emergencies at all times. But are they always as prepared as they can be? Read More

Environment of Care

How many hours did your team spend on EOC rounds and issues just last year? Hundreds? If findings still fell through the cracks and you didn’t meet performance improvement goals, you’re not alone. Read More

Statement of Conditions

With sound processes and proven technologies, ATG fortifies hospitals with a proactive Statement of Conditions – a dynamic management tool to identify, assess and resolve Life Safety issues. Read More


Close the gaps that exist between your pre-construction risk assessments and the day-to-day management of permitting issues. Read More

Facility Document Management

Whether starting or wrapping up construction projects, leading hospitals now use cloud-based technologies and new protocols to manage documentation workflow. Read More

Space Condition Management

Patients today feel more empowered to choose the healthcare facilities they prefer. Quality care? Yes, that’s important, but patients also value an appealing environment. Read More

Space Move Management

More hospitals and health systems than ever are repurposing space and constructing new buildings, so odds are you’ll be managing more and more moves. Read More

Lease Space Analysis

Your role as a healthcare facilities manager can be challenging enough. But when you’re also managing tenant space, your job gets far more complex – escalating your risk. Read More

Life Safety Inspections

When it comes to conducting life safety inspections, organizations may be overburdened. That's why many healthcare facilities managers rely on ATG to perform ongoing inspections of life safety elements. Read More

Infection Control Audit

While infection control practices have improved in recent years, healthcare organizations still recognize the need for more proactive means of addressing healthcare-associated infections.
Read More

Facility Condition Assessment

To effectively manage future planning, hospitals need to fully understand the present condition of existing buildings. Read More

Life Safety Master Plan

A comprehensive Life Safety Master Plan helps you identify the life safety features required for compliance–and guides you in evaluating options as future needs arise. Read More

Americans with Disabilities Act

At major hospitals and healthcare centers, significant real estate holdings create substantial challenges in maintaining full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Read More

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Filing accurate Medicare cost reports is essential, but managing the data to do so creates significant complexity. Read More

Asbestos Management

Managing asbestos across healthcare campuses requires accurate data—location, type of asbestos, and quantity levels—integrated with floor plan layouts across all facilities. Read More

Engineering Systems Documentation

Accurately locating and managing information on the main components of your engineering systems can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Read More

System Integration

In today’s healthcare environment, there’s a constant unrelenting need for information. The more quickly your team can turn raw data into actionable knowledge, the more effectively you can manage your facilities. Read More

Ventilation Audit

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) cost US hospitals some $40 billion in lost revenues—and leave hospitals vulnerable to litigation. Read More

Using BIM: An Essential Healthcare Facility Management Tool

Rely on our proven policies and procedures to make the most of new technologies.

ATG is the only consulting firm in the world that can transform BIM (Building Information Modeling) from a design and construction management tool into a highly effective facilities management tool. Our innovative technologies – and proven policies and procedures – offer complete BIM-based solutions that make best use of your resources, cope with transition, and turn data into actionable knowledge.

Healthcare Advisory Group

Facility managers from the country's leading hospitals join ATG to share emerging trends and challenges.

As part of our collaboration with the industry, we invited facility management executives to join our Healthcare Advisory Group. This group meets regularly for in-depth discussions on emerging trends that shape the landscape of facility management. This direct, high-level communication gives our consultants deep operational insights into the challenges our clients face, so we can create or modify our solutions to meet their needs now and in the future.

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