Transform campus data into knowledge.

Enhance operational efficiency and manage risk.

Everyone in academia – educators and support teams alike – are dedicated to the mission of turning knowledge into power. That’s not just a classroom lesson. For some of the nation’s most successful academic institutions, ATG’s unmatched combination of expert consulting services and cutting-edge technology solutions has transformed their campus facility data into usable knowledge.

Facility managers have used that knowledge to increase the performance and cost-effectiveness of their systems, their resources, their entire operations.

ATG's Higher Education Solutions:

Space Inventory Analysis

Although you likely have space management applications deployed at your institution, needs change. Read More

Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21

For federally sponsored research projects, accuracy of floor plan layout and square footage data is required for properly calculating indirect costs as specified by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21. Read More

Life Safety

Effectively managing life safety devices, particularly in dorms and labs, is not only a compliance issue. It’s critical to protecting everyone who visits or works at your campus. Read More

Americans with Disabilities Act

Every higher education institution faces pressure to maintain full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Read More

Facility Condition Assessment

Performing a Facility Condition Assessment is essential to maintaining and managing  your campus. Regularly surveying utilities, architectural, and engineering infrastructures helps you identify deficiencies and estimate the costs to correct them. Read More

Facility Document Management

Whether starting or wrapping up construction projects, more academic institutions now use cloud-based technologies and new protocols to manage documentation workflow from start to finish. Read More

Engineering Systems Documentation

Accurately locating and managing information on the main components of your engineering systems can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Read More

System Integration

On today’s college campuses there’s a constant unrelenting need for facilities information. The more quickly your team can turn raw data into actionable knowledge, the more effectively you can manage your facilities. Read More

Leveraging BIM: Empowering Facilities Management Across University Campuses

Rely on our proven policies and procedures to make the most of new technologies.

ATG’s integrated technologies, policies and procedures transform BIM (Building Information Modeling) from a design and construction management tool into an effective facilities management tool. Our Higher Education solutions – including proven policies and procedures – help universities use BIM to gain the clearest possible understanding of how their facilities are performing.

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