Healthcare and real estate.

How to manage twice the complexity with far less risk.

Your role as a healthcare facilities manager can be challenging enough. But when you’re also managing tenant space, your job gets far more complex – escalating your risk.

That’s why access to up-to-date accurate square footage data is essential to manage medical and professional office buildings in a way that maximizes lease revenues and reduces compliance risk.


More headaches. More risk.
Coping with fragmented processes.

Real estate may account for as much as 40 percent of your balance sheet, but the processes for managing healthcare real estate can be fragmented and ineffective.

Without accurate floor plans and inventories of tenant square footage across your campus, you face:

  • Substantial lost revenues by not charging for the correct square footage
  • Missed opportunities to market space to prospective tenants
  • Higher costs for tenant build-outs
  • More risk of non-compliance with strict regulations on leasing MOB and POB space

Meeting these challenges takes access to information that typical real estate management tools alone can’t provide.


Maximize revenues and assure compliance.
Avoid costly leasing decisions with more accurate data.

Maintain accurate square footage data that conforms to BOMA standards and matches actual building and floor plan layouts. ATG Lease Space Analysis provides:

  • More streamlined processes for updating floor plans based on final build-outs of new tenant suites
  • Up-to-date information on tenant square footage extracted directly from CAD floor plans
  • Accurate lease documents generated through your existing lease management software
  • Real-time space utilization reports to improve planning and support leasing decisions
  • Dramatic cost savings for ongoing maintenance and updates of build-outs

Now managing healthcare real estate becomes less complex and less risky – offering more potential for higher revenues. 

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Real results:
How our clients save time and money

  • Presence Health in Chicago, with over a dozen hospitals and more than 150 other properties, can now present potential tenants with layouts of available spaces and “what if” scenarios for potential renovations, all by email, with no paperwork required.


We just go on the ATG website and, with the click of a mouse, see what’s there. We save a lot of time.”

Larry Latas
System Director of Properties
Presence Health

Avoid costly leasing mistakes.
Manage more complexity with less risk.

ATG Lease Space Analysis: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning, reduce risk, and streamline day-to-day facilities management throughout your organization.

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