Improve compliance and cut costs.

One comprehensive, holistic, and integrated solution.

Effectively managing life safety devices, particularly in dorms and labs, is not only a compliance issue. It’s critical to protecting everyone who visits or works at your campus.

But without the right processes and comprehensive solutions in place, technology alone can be nearly useless in helping you effectively track and manage life safety assets across your campus.


Life safety management challenges.
Coping with high risk and soaring costs.


Facilities managers at higher education institutions face many challenges, but most identify life safety as a highly vulnerable compliance issue, with obstacles that include:

  • Excessive burdens on internal teams to inventory and inspect assets on schedule
  • No tools and processes to quickly pinpoint location of failed items, track performance, and properly allocate resources
  • Poor integration of data with work order systems
  • Incomplete and fragmented reports
  • High cost of outside contractors

Meeting these challenges requires both professional expertise and the latest technologies to assure full life safety compliance.


Innovative and integrated technologies.
Streamline life safety compliance while reducing costs.

Academic institutions across the country count on ATG for expertise, innovative technologies, and comprehensive training that offers:

  • Standardized processes for maintaining inventory and asset layouts
  • Lower costs by allocating resources more effectively
  • More efficiency through tablet- or smartphone-driven inspection processes
  • Customized reports with real-time access to inspection data
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Protect students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
Improve integration to enhance compliance and cut costs.

ATG Life Safety Management: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning and streamline day-to-day facilities management across your campus.

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