Improve patient care while reducing costs.

Identify essential key assets to assure compliance.

A detailed and well-maintained Life Safety Master Plan will help you identify the life safety features required for compliance – and guide you in evaluating options as future needs arise.

In collaboration with our life safety code consulting partners, ATG has developed life safety master plans for some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations across the U.S. We help healthcare organizations:


  • Conduct comprehensive surveys to collect campus life safety information
  • Import survey data into a secure, centralized, cloud-based facility information system
  • Enable on-demand access to life safety information that meets the Joint Commission SOC and other related requirements


With ATG’s help, your Life Safety Management Plan becomes a “living document” easily accessed through intuitive and integrated cloud-based technologies.

Life Safety Master Plan Solution Examples [Click images to enlarge]

Contain costs while maintaining quality patient care.

Learn how ATG’s Life Safety Master Plan services can enhance life safety at your healthcare facilities. Contact us today.

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