How Hospitals Are Winning

How Hospitals Are Winning

I have a confession to make: Attending the ASHE Annual Conferences in recent years had become a rather difficult chore for me. There was an element of uncertainty related to the proposed healthcare reform after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare professionals that I spoke to, ranging from Directors of Facilities Management and Compliance, to VPs and C-Level executives, were frustrated and seriously concerned about the future of the industry, and the financial challenges they would have to confront.

So, I prepared myself for this year’s ASHE Conference in Chicago with that same expectation.

To my disbelief, I was amazed with how different things are from just a year ago! Yesterday’s industry frustration has evolved into an atmosphere of optimism. More and more hospitals have begun to realize that the healthcare reform has not been as destructive as they feared, and in fact in most cases, this transformation has had an unexpected positive impact on our industry.

Through my direct conversations with executives at ASHE and the feedback from discussions our ATG team had with representatives of nearly 90 healthcare facilities, we see a fascinating trend emerging: most progressive healthcare campuses have realized the importance of integrating the management of their facilities into their overall business processes. In other words, regardless of the tax status of “for profit” or “non-profit,” administrators have realized that with razor thin margins, poor decisions on facility and construction plans could mean a difference between remaining solvent and independent, or being acquired or shut-down.

I am delighted that our partnerships with these major hospital campuses have enabled our company to better understand the shifting challenges our industry faces. For nearly 30 years, ATG has remained at the forefront of facilities integration, and we will continue to work with the nation’s best healthcare professionals and consultants as they automate facility and maintenance functions, and incorporate them into their long-term strategic plans.

The future of healthcare facilities management looks bright, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.


Mike Hakbaz
Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.



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