WEBINAR RECAP: Managing Patient Environments for Improved Satisfaction and Revenue

WEBINAR RECAP: Managing Patient Environments for Improved Satisfaction and Revenue

On August 31, we presented our Space Condition Management (SCM) webinar to a nationwide audience that included hospital facility managers and engineering directors from the East Coast to the Southwest.

When it comes to Space Condition Management, attendees voiced two main frustrations:

  1. Managing elements in the patient environment is not always assigned to a designated department for tracking and remediation. “Soft” issues like worn carpets, torn upholstery or chipped paint get lost between departments that might include facilities, engineering, maintenance and the C-suite, depending on the hospital.

  2. These elements strongly contribute to patient satisfaction scores - and they aren’t usually tracked through the work order system.

“Managers want to keep ahead of aesthetics and the condition of various elements throughout the hospital because we know it impacts patient satisfaction,” said one attendee. “But the fact that it requires cross-functional work order coordination makes it difficult to manage.”

That sentiment was echoed by another facilities manager who said, “It’s an area of concern that doesn’t have clear ownership in hospitals. When little things add up, that’s clearly reflected in patient satisfaction scores, and that has an impact on the bottom line.”

ATG’s Ted Pappas and Sam Dimopoulos were the featured webinar speakers. They presented the ATG Space Condition Management solution and its asset assessment and management features that help to track and control patient environment elements.

Our solution:

  • Identifies and categorizes status of items and spaces that may be in disrepair or poor condition and places them on a CAD floor plan

  • Reduces inspection times using ATG’s visually intuitive SCM mobile app, which lets employees photograph a problem and upload those images to the system

  • Automatically notifies appropriate teams when repairs or replacements are needed

  • Tracks requests through up-to-the-minute, color-coded tracking and condition reports

We will continue to update our clients on solutions that help hospitals improve patient the patient’s perception of a hospital. This can lead to improved HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores, which can improve a hospital’s financial well-being by increasing the potential for CMS reimbursement.


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