ATG's Environment of Care Webinar Draws Tremendous Response

ATG's Environment of Care Webinar Draws Tremendous Response

The Joint Commission recently eliminated two EPs from their EC Standards. Prescribed annual and semiannual rounds are no longer required because The Joint Commission expects hospitals to already use rounds as the foundation to mitigate risk in the environment of care.

Ted Pappas, VP of Facility Services, and Sam Dimopoulos, NCARB, Senior Consultant, presented the latest installment in the ATG Webinar Series. The December 7th webinar, How To Mitigate Risk & Automate the EOC Lifecycle, attracted interest from more than 120 healthcare facilities professionals representing more than half of the states in the nation. Ted and Sam began with a brief description of the typical paper process and the disconnect between rounds, performance improvements and policy updates.

In contrast, they demonstrated that with ATG’s EOC solution, information is collected via an iPad during rounds. The mobile app ensures field data is captured in real time, which eliminates errors and lag time. Whenever the iPad makes a Wi-Fi connection those tour details sync with ATG’s facility information platform, where operators and executives can review data, create customized reports and analyze findings.

What’s more, documented deficiencies trigger automatic alerts to the responsible party; alerts escalate up the chain of command when an issue is left unresolved.

Strategic tracking of EOC data goes further than the primary goal of maintaining a safe and pleasant patient experience; it’s a good business practice too. Data tracked through ATG’s EOC solution creates invaluable insight to top findings and trends in a facility or healthcare system. And data-driven reports reinforce a hospital’s performance improvement initiatives and management policies.

Some success stories were shared during the 30-minute webinar - one of which was Advocate Health Care. Since implementing ATG’s EOC solution across 8.3 million square feet of campus space, Advocate has made a smooth transition to a new AHJ.

“The switch to a new accrediting body was simpler because Advocate maintains a proactive approach to regulatory compliance -- and has the EOC data to prove it,” Sam explained. “We’re not recreating the fundamental process, we’re providing a powerful tool to save time, capture and optimize facility information, and manage risk in the environment of care.”

A sound strategy for Environment of Care rounding is more important than ever. Without integrated tools that accurately track EOC issues, hospitals are vulnerable to mistakes and significant compliance risk.

With ATG hospitals can automate the entire EOC process - they can accurately track progress from corrective actions to resolution - and keep accountable teams informed. With one comprehensive solution, healthcare systems can reduce costs, lower risk, and eliminate complexity overall.

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