Getting Out in Front of New Regulatory Requirements

Getting Out in Front of New Regulatory Requirements

As of January 2018, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require hospitals to inspect fire doors every 12 months and maintain an accurate inventory of the results. Additionally, The Joint Commission’s elimination of Plans for Improvement as part of its Statement of Conditions (SOC) process, requires correction of life safety deficiencies within a 60 day period.

The increased responsibilities that result from such changes can lead to serious problems for facility managers already strapped for resources. Hospitals find themselves in dire need of effective facility management solutions that address regulatory compliance in a more efficient and proactive manner.


ATG’s Life Safety Management (LSM) solution ensures hospitals are already compliant with new regulations—and in most cases, it has even reduced internal inspection and report compilation times by more than 45%.

Developed in collaboration with leading healthcare systems, this cloud-based solution is continually updated to reflect the latest requirements from The Joint Commission and other authorities having jurisdiction. It creates a seamless process for inspection and maintenance, utilizing CAD-integrated mobile and desktop components so that users have real-time visual data related to the location of each device and its inspection history. The technology also provides the ability to send deficiency data directly to existing work order systems.

If you'd like to learn more, request a copy of our free guide, “Life Safety Management Strategies Every Hospital Should Know.” The 2017 edition addresses how to get out ahead of a constantly changing regulatory environment with an efficient, proactive approach to managing critical life safety elements.

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