ATG's Asset Tracking & Condition Management Solution Helps Hospitals Attract Patients and Lower Operational Expenses

CHICAGO, September 10, 2014

Today Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG) announced the release of its latest solution for hospitals: Asset Tracking and Condition Management.
Asset Tracking and Condition Management helps administrators evaluate the location and condition of movable and fixed assets like tables, chairs, TVs, lamps and PCs.

The solution was developed in response to a growing concern by hospital executives over narrowing profit margins, increased competition, and the need to attract and retain patients.

ATG President Mike Hakbaz explains how Asset Management plays a role in improving a hospital’s aesthetic value: “To stay competitive, healthcare campuses need to make a great first impression, so assets like carpeting, furniture or appliances in public spaces make a big impact. If couches are ripped, or table legs are dented, that’s a turnoff to patients, and the hospital risks losing that revenue. Our solution helps prevent that from happening.”

Asset Tracking and Condition Management is built on the ATG Facility Information Platform, which enables hospitals to map all of the assets in a building, down to the room level.

Unlike larger assets that are typically monitored by the maintenance department (such as plumbing, electrical or HVAC components), hospitals have lacked a viable method to analyze the quantity and condition of assorted movable and fixed assets not covered by standard hospital procedures. For the first time, Asset Tracking and Condition Management gives healthcare administrators a dynamic, scalable way to manage a wide variety of assets. In addition to flooring and furniture, the solution can identify the status and position of computers, laptops, tablets, video monitors, electronics, audio components, wall coverings, framed pictures and much more.

The tool uses mobile inspection technology: teams can record the location and condition of an item with a mobile device, with or without barcodes. That information then syncs to ATG’s cloud-based CAD/BIM engine for detailed, real-time visualization.

In addition to helping maintain an appealing environment (which impacts patient revenue), Asset Tracking and Condition Management helps hospitals save money in other key areas:

  • Management eliminates the need to purchase replacements for assets that are wrongly assumed to be lost, stolen, or past their expected usefulness
  • Inspection teams reduce errors and process time with mobile inspection technology that automates notifications to personnel responsible for repair or replacement when something is wrong
  • Mobile technology reduces inspection time dramatically, so full-time employees (FTEs) can refocus their attention to other high-value tasks

The Asset Tracking and Condition Management solution is so efficient that campus-wide inspections can take just days, instead of weeks, or months. One ATG client cut inspection time by 98%, which saved 152 hours per year in management, and reduced FTE tracking costs by 80%.

Some of the country’s leading hospitals use Asset Tracking and Condition Management, including The Cleveland Clinic, Baylor University Medical Center and Detroit Medical Center.



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