In Time for ASHE Annual Conference, ATG Announces New Mobile Inspection Solutions for Life Safety Management

CHICAGO, August 1, 2014

Advanced Technologies Group, Inc., or ATG, today announced two innovative additions to the ATG Platform. Each new solution takes advantage of mobile device technology, and adds a layer of convenience that has revolutionized the way inspection tours are conducted at hospitals.

ATG President Mike Hakbaz says that using mobile devices for inspections gives hospitals an huge advantage: “When inspection data is collected from the field in real-time, hospitals eliminate transcription errors, and get the most accurate facility knowledge, as soon as it becomes available.”

Mobile device-based solutions are an effective way to accurately manage and maintain Joint Commission life safety elements and other general life safety devices. The ATG Platform accommodates a variety of mobile devices, including Tablet PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and laptop.

ATG’s new solutions are:

  1. Life Safety Management (LSM) Enterprise for Windows
    LSM Enterprise for Windows makes it easier for enterprise clients to customize inspection tours in a scalable way, ensuring fast and accurate reporting on a large scale.

    Using any windows-based tablet, inspection teams can use color-coding to organize inspection findings. Once an issue has been resolved, the system automatically resets the color code for the next inspection.

    When an issue is discovered, team members can use the tablet to record a corresponding image to help identify and track the problem until resolution. The photo lets other parties (such as department heads or outside vendors) collaborate on a solution to correct the deficiency.

    Data collected during a tour can be synced over a wireless network, and downloads can be organized by type, so a user can choose to sync all inspection data, pending items, failed items, etc.

    LSM Enterprise also lets department heads assign frequency using Group as criteria. For example, this will help clients to evaluate inspection intervals throughout a building based on functions of areas.

    Finally, LSM Enterprise for Windows gives users the ability to have concurrent inspection periods (i.e. – Quarterly/Annually) on the same item type, and to distinguish between them for accurate LSM reporting.
  2. Life Safety Management (LSM) Express for iPod Touch & iPhone
    LSM Express for iPod Touch and iPhone makes it easy to automate functions of high-frequency inspections. Teams can use an iPod Touch or an iPhone to inspect items and add photos to the findings. Portable assets (like fire extinguishers) can be inspected regardless of their current locations.

    By attaching a scanner, a barcode can be implemented to track existing items or dynamically add new ones during a tour.

    LSM Express for iPod Touch and iPhone lets users sync data whenever a Wi-Fi network is available, and individuals can have specific assignments and log-ins to cover different areas of a hospital campus.

    The iOS platform offers a seamless and intuitive touch experience, with easy access to details and historical data. In addition, LSM Express for iPod Touch & iPhone users get easy software updates via the App Store.



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