Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. Gets Rave Reviews at Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference

CHICAGO – November 14, 2014

The latest example of how hospitals feel about the solutions offered by Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG) occurred this week at the 2014 Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference (MHEC) in Indianapolis.

Thursday morning, Robert Nightingale, Safety Manager at the Chicago-area Edwards Hospital and Health Services – which includes two hospital campuses – shared his organization’s success story with a packed house.

When his presentation ended, he was deluged with positive comments and questions.

“Once again,” says ATG President Mike Hakbaz, “the response was beyond our expectations. Every time people hear about what ATG can do for them, they want to come on board.”

Nightingale’s talk, titled “Improving the Bottom Line Through an Effective Environment of Care (EOC) Rounding Process,” outlined the transformation Edwards has made to its facilities compliance program over the past few years.

What was once a labor-intensive tangle of ineffective rounds, inefficient paperwork, time consuming emails and unwieldy Excel spreadsheets is now a well-oiled machine driven by ATG solutions.

Among other things, Nightingale talked about how his rounding teams now use iPads to instantly record inspection findings (and snap relevant photos) as they go.

When he described how the ATG Environment of Care solution compiles rounding results, generates reports, assigns fixes, sends notifications, distributes reminders and escalates overdue assignments – all automatically – more than one jaw in the room dropped.

“We used to have to manually transfer our rounding results from paper to Excel spreadsheets. It was a complex and difficult process, especially for the size of our organization,” says Nightingale.

“Now I can quickly identify key issues, train our staff as needed, and even integrate our Life Safety

The streamlined EOC rounding process at Edwards Hospital has produced visible improvements. Everything from corridor clutter to fire safety has improved, and the hospital has consistently achieved Joint Commission accreditation and the highest Hospital Safety Score®, a customerfacing grading system.

Best of all, Nightingale’s team has accomplished all of that while investing less time and effort in the process – thanks to ATG solutions.

Joe Mensik, ATG Regional Director, was on hand at the MHEC presentation to answer questions. He left with a stack of business cards from hospital administrators who told him, “Our hospital needs this. We absolutely want to talk with you.”



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