ATG Releases Platform Visualization

CHICAGO, August 1, 2014

Advanced Technologies Group, Inc., or ATG, has released a new visual diagram that represents the many components of the ATG Platform.

The ATG Platform is the company’s cloud-based system that integrates mobile technologies, CAD/BIM back-end systems, and web services into a single, centralized solution that communicates with existing Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS.

The ATG Platform lets hospitals automate touring and workflow management into a single, centralized solution, and provides real-time facilities information to administrators throughout a healthcare organization.

Because the ATG technology is in the cloud, clients don’t have to pay large up-front fees to install software or hardware, and they can seamlessly integrate with other existing hospital systems. When a new ATG solution is implemented, clients experience very little lag time for training.

ATG President Mike Hakbaz explains the visual aid: “Many of our clients use a combination of solutions – the platform makes it easy to incorporate different components for different reasons. On the other hand, some of our clients use just one solution at a time, because they are unaware of just how flexible and adaptable the platform is. We know that hospitals can make greater gains in efficiency and compliance when they integrate an array of solutions. We think the Facility Information Platform diagram helps demonstrate to our clients the many interconnected services we offer.”



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