First impressions count.

Maintain a pleasing environment that satisfies patients and visitors.

Patients today feel more empowered to choose hospitals and healthcare facilities they prefer. Quality care? Yes, that’s important, but patients also value an appealing and pleasing environment.

More patient choice is why progressive hospitals now use processes and technologies to assure that overall space and assets throughout the facility are well maintained to deliver the highest level of patient satisfaction.


Perception is everything.
Why hospitals lose customers.

Stained carpets. Damaged chairs. Unpleasant odors.

Do these impact the quality of medical care? Perhaps not, but recent studies suggest that patients and visitors may think otherwise. And in today’s competitive environment, hospitals cannot afford to lose customers.

But monitoring non-clinical equipment and overall conditions – not usually tracked through the hospital work order system – is a critical process that’s often poorly defined.


Be more proactive.
Improve your patient experience.

Now hospital administrators can more easily maintain a pleasing environment. ATG’s proven processes and innovative technologies help healthcare organizations:

  • Identify and categorize status of items and spaces that may be in disrepair or poor condition
  • Reduce inspection times using ATG’s visually intuitive SCM mobile app
  • Automatically notify appropriate teams when repairs or replacements are needed
  • Track requests through up-to-the minute and color-coded tracking and condition reports

The more appealing your facility, the more it reflects your professionalism – a quality patients value more highly in today’s competitive environment. Now your organization can maintain high aesthetic standards that can increase revenues and improve your reputation.

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Real results:
How our clients save time and money

Through more effective space condition management, ATG clients see valuable benefits:

  • 98% decrease in condition inspection time
  • 80% less FTE costs for condition management

Make a great first impression.
The patient experience matters more than ever.

ATG Space Condition Management: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning, reduce risk, and streamline day-to-day facilities management throughout your organization.

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