One integrated solution.

Eliminate fragmented space inventory data.

Although you likely have space management applications deployed at your institution, needs change.  

Indeed, the challenge is not merely to track space relocations but also incorporate that information into your application. Otherwise data becomes fragmented and often useless in making key planning decisions.

But when you turn fragmented space inventory data into one centralized and easily accessible “living document,” everyone at your institution gains added control over planning, operations, compliance, and more.


Disorganized and inaccessible data.
Serious challenges for facilities operations.

When space inventory information – much of which may be inaccurate – becomes fragmented across multiple departments, your entire institution  wastes valuable time and resources.

Disorganized and inaccessible data creates serious challenges for facilities operations, strategic and master planning, construction, compliance, accounting, and property/asset management.

What’s more, inadequate space management software does not offer intuitive access to space utilization reports and as-built layouts.

These challenges call for a more integrated approach to assure that critical space information is always accurate and always available.


Actionable data. Real-time tracking.
Turn space inventory into a financial advantage.

Through proven processes, expert services, and innovative technologies, ATG’s Space Inventory Analysis solution helps you:

  • Eliminate miscalculations that create compliance issues
  • Give campus administrators a real-time view of space usage for strategic and master planning discussions
  • Gain more control over chargebacks and indirect costs of shared services
  • Optimize capital expenditures on new construction projects

Now campus facility managers can have immediate access to a wide range of facility-related information without the need to purchase additional software or hardware.

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Streamline space inventory management. 
Eliminate fragmented data.

ATG Space Inventory Analysis: Part of a complete solution

Discover how our expertise and complete set of secure cloud-based technologies can improve planning and streamline day-to-day facilities management across your campus.

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