More moves. More complexity.

Assure smooth operational movement across your entire campus.

More hospitals and health systems than ever are re-purposing space and constructing new buildings, so odds are you’ll be managing more and more moves.

Some may be complex, but even simple moves can be slowed down by poor communication and unreliable tracking.


Manual processes create the potential for errors, delays, and loss.

Whether managing day-to-day transfers or larger moves based on new strategic master plans, many hospitals and healthcare organizations still store move and space information in fragmented databases and spreadsheets, and rely on manual processes to maintain that data.

That creates obstacles in today’s dynamic environment including:

  • Poor coordination across multiple departments involved in configuring moves, including maintenance, IT, construction, and others
  • Lack of tools and processes to quickly schedule and coordinate moves across the organization
  • Inaccurate tracking of status of all move requests, resulting in unresolved issues
  • Poor visibility in maintaining and controlling space inventory to track data, performance, and compliance

On a hospital campus, any move requires the effective coordination of many stakeholders. Without the right tools, the potential for risk increases - in fact, one institution reported losing millions in assets during a move just across the street.


Automation to optimize collaboration.
Revolutionizing space move management.

Smooth transitions across a campus of any size require proven and efficient processes.

That’s why we have worked with leading healthcare institutions to develop a solution to meet growing complexity. ATG’s technologies and best space move management practices empower healthcare facilities managers to:

  • Quickly and easily initiate move requests that are automatically routed to Space Committee members for approval
  • Efficiently coordinate and schedule work requests – like furniture moves, IT equipment moves, re-keying doors, signage changes, and more – requirements that span across multiple departments
  • Easily track the status of all move requests, based on schedule and actual cost, to analyze effectiveness and improve budgeting and planning
  • Accurately manage space move requests so all departments have access to the status of every request
  • Automatically update space information and layouts to maintain accurate space utilization data essential for CMS reporting and space planning

Now hospitals and healthcare organizations can streamline space move management – saving valuable time, and minimizing the high cost of inefficiency.


Less cost. Less complexity. Less risk. More efficient moves.

ATG Space Move Management allows everyone throughout the organization to take advantage of:

  • Streamlined communication for more efficient planning
  • Reduced risk of errors and delays
  • Access to up-to-date space management data
  • More reliable control over inventory

The space move management solution is dynamic, and can be changed based on the needs of the facility – that’s why we work closely with our clients to develop new features with even greater flexibility and functionality.

Upcoming releases will allow users to:

  • Link multiple stage (or contingent) moves into just one request
  • Manage moves for entire departments during new construction and renovations
  • Accurately audit space utilization data using a tablet in the field
  • And more…

Don’t lose on your next move. With ATG’s space move management solution, you can leverage our experience and cloud-based technologies to improve planning, reduce risk, and foster collaboration to better manage moves across your entire organization.


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