Prevent costly surprises.

Turn SOC into a self-sustaining process

It happens more often than you think – a surprise visit by The Joint Commission or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services brings citations that can damage your hospital’s reputation and put a freeze on Medicare reimbursements.

But with the right processes and technologies, you can make sure surveys lead to quick corrective actions and prevent costly surprises.


Fragmented and ineffective processes.
Why hospitals get caught off guard.

All too many hospitals are cited for infractions as Statement of Conditions™ (SOC) processes become too fragmented and reactive. That’s because hospital facilities managers face significant challenges such as:

  • No clear procedures to identify new deficiencies or document corrective actions
  • Inaccurate and out-of-date SOC data
  • Poor coordination of both internal resources and outside consultants

That’s why it’s critical that hospital administrators adopt best practices and technologies to turn SOC into a more efficient and self-sustaining process.


Enhance processes to improve compliance.
Turn SOC data into a “living document.”

Even if you use code consultants for your surveys, you can turn your Statement of Conditions into a “living document,” that your team can effortlessly manage. That enhances your SOC process through:

  • Visual and intuitive tools on mobile devices to document deficiencies using floor layout drawings – without the need for CAD software
  • Access to real-time data and automated reporting
  • Seamless integration with your existing work order system

Now you can reduce consultant fees, assure compliance, and keep your internal teams running at peak efficiency through a more self-sustaining and seamless SOC process.

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Real results:
How our clients save time and money

  • Rush University Medical Center, managing 3.5 million square feet in Chicago, now provides SOC surveyors access to data on previous deficiencies, corrective actions, and completion status – eliminating time-consuming manual work to prepare for unannounced surveys.


In addition to the other benefits, we’re now able to address eSOC requirements easily and seamlessly.”

Mike Craig
Assistant Director - Medical Center Engineering
Rush University Medical Center

Streamline SOC processes.
Prevent costly surprises.

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