From inspections to analysis, assure ventilation compliance.

Control spread of infections and avoid revenue losses with one automated ventilation audit solution.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) cost US hospitals some $40 billion in lost revenues – and can leave hospitals vulnerable to litigation. 

In fact, the top 2 findings from audits by The Joint Commission are related to ventilation system compliance. Regular inspections are essential, of course, but tracking, monitoring, and analyzing ventilation audit data add an extra layer of protection to assure patient safety, protect revenue, and reduce high compliance risk.


Professional ventilation audits are an essential first step.
But tracking data manually leaves you vulnerable.

HAIs can result in an enormous amount of liability, lost revenues for treating those infections, and loss of accreditation and reputation. Therefore, regular inspections of ventilation systems are essential to mitigating the potential risk to your facilities. 

But inspections alone can’t provide the highest possible level of ventilation compliance or patient safety. Facilities managers using only manual data collection and tracking processes face significant challenges:

  • Poor communication with other departments to address and correct issues
  • Wasted time and resources compiling ventilation documentation information for regulators
  • Limited visibility into infection-related trends that need to be quickly addressed
  • Inefficient tools to create or customize essential reports for hospital executives
  • Lack of integration with current space use or overall Environment of Care processes
Ventilation compliance is a complex issue. To reduce high risk and high costs hospitals must pair professional inspections with automated technologies to access, manage, track, and analyze essential data.


Automated, data-driven cloud-based technologies.
One integrated ventilation compliance solution.

In collaboration with leading healthcare organizations and professional ventilation inspection firms, ATG developed a data-driven Ventilation Audit solution.

As ventilation systems are audited, inspection data is automatically tracked in ATG's facility information platform so systems are monitored with more precision. ATG’s cloud-based technologies automate processes so that facilities managers can take advantage of:

  • Established baseline data for each room along with information on its specific requirements (for example Operating Rooms, Maternity, etc.)
  • Automated processes for monitoring those rooms with data integrated into hospital automation systems
  • Quick access to past inspection information with data and layouts
  • Analytical reports to chart trends and benchmark information
  • Intuitive tools to create detailed reports regulators and accreditation agencies need to perform their audits
  • Integration with current space use, planning, and Environment of Care processes
  • Streamlined collection, storage, and tracking of all documents, all managed based on regulatory requirements

Now you can protect patient safety, reduce your costs, and lower your risk – all through one comprehensive ventilation compliance solution.


Protect your patients. Protect your revenue.

One of the organizations ATG collaborated with was Presence Health, a health system with 11 hospitals among its more than 150 locations throughout Illinois.  Joseph Bettuzzi, Director of Facilities and Plant Operations at Presence Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, was a key part of this effort.

Bettuzi explained, “We were so impressed with ATG, and we were asking ourselves, ‘how else can we leverage this technology?’ and that led us to an ATG solution for clean sterile storage and OR ceilings.”


Mitigate risk related to HAIs on your healthcare campus. ATG’s Ventilation Audit solution pairs professional inspections with automated technologies to establish a seamless process that reduces costs and minimizes liability.

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