Consolidating Increased Compliance Efforts Across Health Systems

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Consolidating Increased Compliance Efforts Across Health Systems

Increased regulations and M&As are forcing many healthcare organizations to re-evaluate their compliance strategies.

An ever-changing regulatory landscape presents a great number of problems for healthcare facility management professionals. Inconsistencies or missed steps in addressing all the latest requirements can lead to serious consequences—including liability and loss of accreditation. Factor in an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, and expanding health systems are finding it extremely difficult to manage compliance efforts across an entire organization.

Despite the importance of a comprehensive regulatory strategy, many health systems lack the type of collaborative tools that can bring departments and functions together. Compliance information is often collected through paper documentation and organized in file cabinets, which is clearly insufficient for complex organizational challenges. And as that complexity grows, information isn’t always available in a timely manner―or worse―not available at all.

Take, for example, audits conducted by an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), which can be particularly stressful for an organization without a singular compliance management strategy. The uncertainty of whether or not all required measures have been taken is magnified greatly during such audits. Because even if hospital personnel are certain all necessary actions have been completed, too often they can find themselves unable to produce a critical compliance document at the moment it’s needed. The result is a failed audit.

As healthcare organizations began recognizing the need for consistent, systemwide compliance management methodologies, it was clear that a more advanced approach was necessary. Thus, through extensive collaboration with industry professionals, ATG developed a cloud technology to provide a centralized, easily accessible way for managing all compliance efforts.

ATG’s Compliance Manager solution efficiently consolidates all regulatory tasks and documentation into one system, so organizations can:

  • Address areas of risk—such as Emergency ManagementEnvironment of Care, and Life Safety—much more efficiently
  • Be fully prepared for Joint Commission or other regulatory reviews
  • Stay on top of compliance schedules
  • Connect compliance data for insight into trending and operational relationships

The solution connects all departments relevant to compliance-related activities, tracking reported deficiencies and alerting teams of pending deadlines. A great advantage of the technology is adaptability to both regulatory and organizational changes. So, where traditional methods fall short in meeting the demands of increased regulations or expansions, Compliance Manager simply adjusts in size and scope. That means that, no matter what the challenge, personnel will always have the information they need—when they need it

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