Facility Management

Assess accurate, real-time data to better manage one of your health system’s most valuable assets—the built environment.

Facility Management

Assess accurate, real-time data to better manage one of your health system’s most valuable assets—the built environment.

Facility Management

Assess accurate, real-time data to better manage one of your health system’s most valuable assets—the built environment.

Manage every square foot with confidence.

The built environment is an asset that plays a key role in many operational objectives for a health system―from optimizing usage of space to improving patient experience. Yet, despite its importance, organizations often lack the right tools for real-time, accurate analysis and management of such an expansive asset.

For more than three decades, ATG has worked closely with experienced professionals in the field to develop those tools. Through extensive feedback from healthcare facility managers, we’ve developed technologies based on the actual needs of the people that run the day-to-day operations—not packaged, one-size-fits-all versions of what we think they need.

The results? Solutions that real-world professionals can use to manage every square foot of their facility with the confidence that those solutions were developed for real-world applications.

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Leverage unique technologies to address the most complex facility management challenges.

ATG technologies provide facility management tools that are collaborative and always accessible via the cloud.

Our secure facility information platform, the Enterprise Active Visual System®, works across all devices and operating systems to provide:

  • On-demand 24/7 access to reliable data through convenient, intuitive interfaces
  • Powerful analytics that empower users to make more informed decisions
  • Interactive as-built drawings, so information can be managed in a highly efficient visual context
  • Mobile apps linking to our enterprise platform to make field data collection and inspections far more productive

These innovative technologies—combined with our extensive experience in the healthcare industry—create multi-dimensional solutions to address a wide range of facility management objectives. Read on for brief overviews of just some of those solutions.

Manage facilities more effectively with accurate, up-to-date space utilization data.

ATG’s Space Inventory Analysis solution is a must-have for managing built environments.

With interactive CAD/BIM as-built drawings and space utilization analytics, the technology provides health systems with accurate indirect cost calculations for annual Medicare reports, as well as tools for internal charge-backs, benchmarking, and more.

Calculate the tenant square footage of your facilities with certainty.

ATG’s Leased Space Analysis solution is a dynamic collection of tools that calculates rentable area based on BOMA standards and addresses Stark regulations by preventing errors in tenant space data.

The technology provides much-needed accuracy in real estate information even as space is modified for new tenants and can be used as a valuable complement to software such as YARDI and MRI.

Ensure top quality environmental conditions for a better patient experience.

ATG’s Space Condition Manager solution addresses the inspection and management of environmental conditions that are shown to impact the overall patient experience. The technology provides tools to track assets and conditions not typically monitored as part of standard maintenance processes.

Components include CAD drawings for the visual location of deficient assets and other sub-standard conditions, as well as a wide range of trending reports and other analytics.

Streamline document management so you’re never without critical facility information.

ATG’s Facility Document Management solution is a centralized dashboard, used by both facility personnel and outside contractors, for the management of as-built drawings and project close-out documents.

This cloud technology eliminates problems associated with documents being lost or becoming outdated and includes a built-in email alert system that notifies appropriate personnel of pending warranty expirations.

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