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  • One integrated set of solutions delivers
    comprehensive risk assessment and key
    operational insights–to all levels of
    your organization.

The Nation's Leading Facility Information Consultants

For over 30 years, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) has collaborated closely with healthcare and higher education organizations – delivering mission-critical knowledge and insights to better manage facilities, support planning, enhance compliance, and mitigate risk through accurate real-time data.


Life Safety Master Plan Standards Backed by the Industry

As a part of ATG's ongoing collaboration with healthcare leaders, we’ve developed industry-backed Life Safety Master Plan Standards that eliminate organizational inconsistencies and ensure full compliance.

Find out what ATG can do for you with a high level, no-obligation review of your hospital's life safety drawings. For more information, call us at 800.804.8442 or contact us online today.

One integrated set of solutions.
Powerful analytics.

Transform facility data into actionable insights.

When departments operate in isolation, data becomes fragmented, making it impossible for managers to improve efficiency or mitigate risk across the entire organization.

ATG takes a different approach.

We combine consulting expertise with innovative technologies to create an integrated set of solutions for hospitals and universities.

ATG’s enterprise cloud-based platform helps individual departments focus on essential data and insights. That improves specific processes and makes delivering actionable information across all departments and disciplines far more efficient.

The Power of Analytics

Solutions tailored to you.

Whether you’re on the front lines as a facilities manager, or in the executive offices making high-level decisions, understanding facility information is a critical part of your job. But no solution is boilerplate.

That’s why we work to understand your unique challenges – from day-to-day operations, to broader issues like using analytics to test facility benchmarking, trending, and performance.


The nation’s most prestigious hospitals and health systems collaborate with ATG. Why? Healthcare facilities managers know that our sophisticated and intuitively designed solutions, access to real-time data, and our deep industry knowledge improves planning, lowers costs, and reduces compliance risk.

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Higher Education

Transforming data into true knowledge brings powerful insights – not just in classrooms but across the campus. ATG works with leading academic institutions to apply innovative technologies that turn data into knowledge that improves operational efficiency and drives more informed strategic decisions.

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Consulting Partnerships

For over 30 years, ATG has partnered with leading consultants to adapt our advanced technologies to meet virtually any need. Many of our most innovative solutions would never exist without strategic partnerships that unlock the value of specialized expertise and knowledge.

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  • Our Joint Commission Accreditation Surveyor was so impressed with ATG’s EOC touring solution he stated this is a Best Practice that he would like to recommend to the main office.”

    — Robert Nightingale, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Edward Hospital
  • “We rely on ATG as our ‘source of truth’ - from life safety and emergency management to asset location and future planning.”

    — Kenneth Kaiser, Former Facility Renovation Manager, Northwestern Medicine
  • “We have reduced costs associated with each renovation, because architects have such easy access to the information they need.”

    — Don Gay, Director of Facility, Engineering and Safety, Tift Regional Medical Center
  • “Our main issue is having plans up to date with the building framework. With ATG, all of our life safety components are verified and updated with plans that actually reflect what we have in house.”

    — Marco Marquez, Former Director of Facilities, Tenet Healthcare
  • “I have nothing but compliments for ATG’s Enterprise Active Visual System®. The staff is fantastic and their knowledge, expertise and focus is why LifeBridge chose ATG.”

    — Odell Hall, Director of Facilities, LifeBridge Health